VoIP – Voice over IP Communications

Stay in Touch for Less

More and more companies are turning to Team AD Global to reduce their communications expenses. By replacing traditional telephone lines with a fully customisable internet-based voice and fax platform, your business will spend less on calls, while having far more flexibility when it comes to communicating with clients and suppliers.

RingCentral VoIP

Team AD Global install and fit the RingCentral VoIP system and business-class Polycom and Cisco VoIP desk telephones. Thanks to the flexibility and reliability afforded by these systems, we’re able to have your VoIP network up and running in record time.

This expandable system allows you to add phones, handsets, users and mobile devices as your business expands, along with additional phone or business numbers as required. What’s more, the RingCentral platform allows access to the system from any device at any time, allowing your staff to make use of mobile devices while out of the office.

You can also integrate your existing desk phones, to further reduce your expenditure.

Every aspect of your system can be managed and customised, providing you with full control of your phone system while reducing the strain on your IT support system and eliminating maintenance contracts. We’ll train you on how to create profiles, set call-handling rules and manage locations and teams – giving you all the control you need.

Simply get in touch with us today, and start your journey to more reliable, affordable VoIP communication.

For further information on our VoIP services, contact Team AD Global today.

Telephone System Installation and Support; Desktop Phone Systems for Offices and Call Centres

Team AD Global supply, install and support a number of reliable telephone systems and switchboards to help you handle high volumes of incoming and outgoing phone calls. We are able to make use of a wide range of telephone systems, although the vast majority of our customers’ requirements are met by the two systems described here:

3CX Telephone Systems

The 3CX system is a software-based telephone system developed to run on Microsoft Windows PCs. This system is easy to install and manage, and easier to use, making it perfect for almost any office applications.

We’ll install the 3CX system and Cisco desktop phones, along with a desktop-based call control and extension management system which will provide flexibility, call clarity and reliability. You won’t require any additional cables or wiring, as this phone system runs through your computer network!

You’ll also save money on calls by using either SIP trunks, VoIP providers, or the Skype gateway. When you need efficiency and affordability, there are very few systems that present a better option.

Arrange a Demonstration

If you’d like to see these phone systems in action, our London demonstration suite is located close to Bank tube station in central London. Simply contact us today to arrange your visit!

3CXPhone for Windows

3CXPhone for Windows integrates seamlessly with 3CX Phone System 12 and allows you to make and receive office calls on your PC from anywhere using Wi-Fi.

Additionally, you can see the presence and status of other connected users wherever they are, set up conference calls with them and your clients. Take advantage of unified communications wherever you are and make your company truly mobile.

  • Use your work number rather than your personal mobile number.
  • Make free inter-office calls from wherever you are to save costs.
  • Easily configurable remotely via Email, no hassle setup.
  • CTI mode that allows you to remotely control your desk-phone.
  • Seamless out of office or in office detection.
  • Integrated 3CX Tunnel bypasses remote firewall or provider issues.
  • Transfer and hold calls.
  • Manage your own Forwarding Rules.
  • Ability to see presence of colleagues, integrated presence search and interaction.
  • View call history and call back.
  • Company/personal phone book with integrated search.
  • Easily setup conference calls, and manage them.
  • Manage voice mail.