Motorsport Services

Using Technology to Improve On-Track Performance

Out of the office and on to the track, Team AD Global’s innovative IT systems are able to help motorsports teams to improve their performance.

We have developed a totally bespoke CCTV system that incorporates GPS and mapping layouts of most UK motorsports tracks. Comprised of up to four HD cameras (with a live feed), a two-way communication setup and a number of specialist features, this system can be installed to any road car, track day or race car.

Our setup provides unrivalled coverage of both the driver and the road. We install forward-facing dashboard cameras, a camera pointing at the driver’s face, a rear-facing camera and an additional fourth camera as required. What’s more, the lightweight design of these cameras allows for the recording of up to 60 hours of HD footage without affecting performance.

We also provide analytics and performance software, allowing your pit crew to track and record tyre pressure, brake temperatures, engine revs and G-forces, along with lap time data.

If you’re interested in bringing Team AD Global on-board with your racing team, please get in touch today.