Remote Email Support and Spam Protection

Helping Your Business to Communicate

Reliable, secure email is vital for the majority of companies in the UK today. Ensuring that your email network is always fully functional and free of spam is crucial if you want to communicate effectively with clients, suppliers and staff.

Team AD Global offer a range of 24 hour email support services to businesses across the country, ensuring that you’re always able to get in touch with whoever you need to speak to.

Email Support

Team AD Global will help you to set up email accounts for each member of your team, along with a system to save and archive incoming and outgoing mail – ensuring that you always have full access to a searchable catalogue of correspondence.

We’ll ensure that you’re not affected by periods of downtime, and that emails can always be retrieved, even if the original recipient is off-site or otherwise unable to access their account.

And our 24 hour support means that in the event of any problems, we’ll always be on-hand to provide a solution.

Spam Protection

Spam emails irritate, annoy, and reduce productivity. They can also lead to viruses and other malware infecting your network, leading to further productivity losses, corrupted data, and potentially large repair expenses.

Our spam filters will drastically reduce the amount of spam email that you receive, while ensuring that valid messages reach their intended destination. Give us a call, and we’ll install spam protection onto your network quickly and simply.

For further information on our email support and spam filtering services, contact Team AD Global today.