CCTV, Surveillance and Security Solutions

Keep Your Business Safe with Remote Monitoring

Combining software, remote monitoring, and a range of ANPR and EPOS functions, Team AD Global offer a range of remote security services that will keep your business safe and secure. Our team of highly skilled and trained operators provide you with all of the following functions at a competitive price:

  • Unlimited technical support
  • Two-way audio support
  • Complete PTZ camera control
  • Remote alarm arming/disarming
  • BS 5979 BS 8418 and BSI 9002 certification

Our remote monitoring service is designed to be used with GeoVision Surveillance Systems, providing you with unmatched security and safety that is compliant with BS 8418 and European Monitoring Standards. What’s more, we’re confident that our integrated monitoring software and facilities provide unrivalled coverage and safety.

GeoVision Digital Surveillance Solutions

The GeoVision Digital Surveillance series is designed to link up to 32 analogue or IP cameras to a remote monitoring station using PC technology. You’ll have access to motion detection technology, along with date and time stamped videos which can be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world.

GeoVision Digital Surveillance also provides advanced video analytics, which will supply you with real-time alerts on a range of user-specified events such as suspicious or lost objects and face detection.

GeoVision is powered by state-of-the-art software; the GeoVision Remote Central Monitoring System. This system can bring multiple systems together into one integrated interface, allowing a remote operator to manage several systems from a single terminal. This system provides:

Central monitoring features

  • Monitor up to 800 video channels
  • Real-time audio monitoring
  • Real-time I/O monitoring
  • Two-way communication
  • Remote Point Tilt Zoom (PTZ) control
  • Remote I/O control
  • Automatically popup live video when motion detection or alarm occurs
  • Supports up to 36 cameras per screen

Event list features

  • Displays 7 categories of event messages, including motion events, alarm events, subscriber login/logout history, connection status, etc.
  • Bookmark feature allows users to highlight important events
  • Event list filters, a user-friendly event list search engine

Recording features

  • Auto record video events to local hard drive
  • Pre-alarm and post-alarm recording
  • Receive video attachment along with each triggered event
  • Hard drive recycle feature allowing non-stop recording

Dispatch server

  • Central managing of up to 500 servers
  • Capable of providing services for up to 10,000 users
  • Auto connection lost recovery
  • Subscriber load balancing for multiple servers

GeoVision Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

The GeoVision License Plate Recognition system captures and stores license plates, making it perfect for both security and traffic management applications.

Able to manage 1, 2, 4 and 8 lane systems in real time, this ANPR software makes use of built in motion detectors and IO triggers to ensure that all number plates are captured and sent to the monitoring system. The GeoVision ANPR features:

  • 1, 2, 4 and 8 lane versions
  • Real-time capturing of License Plates
  • Up to 99% Recognition Success
  • High Recognition Speed < 0.2 seconds
  • Multiple IO connection points
  • 720 x 576 recording resolution
  • Integrates with Gate Controllers, Infrared PIR Detectors, Alarms and Loop Detections Systems
  • License Plate Recognition system can be integrated into GeoVision DVR System
  • Recognized in UK, Italy, Spain, Taiwan and Japan
  • Additional Overview Camera
  • Unauthorized/Unrecognizable Vehicle Alarm
  • Digital Watermark Protection
  • I/O Relay action on recognition
  • License Plate Database
  • JPEG format providing 2 million images / 160GB HD
  • License Plate Recognition System
  • Hot-Key for IO Activation

The system is perfect for:

  • ANPR Applications
  • Stolen Vehicle Search
  • Border Surveillance
  • Traffic Enforcement Statistics
  • Automatic Toll Collection Systems
  • System Integration
  • Card Reader, Ticket-In/Out, Gate Control System Integration
  • License Plates can be output to file or via RS-232 for integration

Electronic Point of Sale Monitoring

Our final GeoVision Surveillance application is the point of sale integration system. By linking up with your tills and EPOS systems, this software allows you to track, search and report on a range of transactions.

Our EPOS system features:

  • Integrates with major POS Systems
  • Real-time transaction data is stored in Microsoft Access Database file on the GeoVision system
  • Easy to analyse and report transaction data
  • Using the GV-Data Capture V3E POS Integration unit, up to 16 cameras with 16 POS Systems are supported
  • Remote Monitoring via Internet
  • Live / Playback video with overlaid transaction data
  • Adjustable Text Alignment / Font Colour
  • Quick Search of transaction data (sales, transaction void etc)

The EPOS System is suitable for:

  • Convenience Stores
  • Retail Stores
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Petrol Stations
  • Supermarkets
  • Parking Lot Toll Booths

For further information on our security, CCTV and surveillance systems, contact Team AD Global today.